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Individuals all over the world are turning to Cannabidiol, or CBD, for its overall benefits for their health. People everywhere are using CBD oil, but how do you use CBD oil? What are the benefits and the variety of CBD delivery methods? If you’re considering integrating CBD into your health routine, dive into the latest information with us.

Why Use CBD Oil?

suggests that the CBD oil market will hit $22 billion by 2022. This growth suggests that those who use CBD will continue to do so, and that the proliferation of users will only increase.

Individuals use CBD for a variety of reasons. We turn to the latest studies to explore the ways in which CBD can be beneficial to the body.

Unfortunately, high school biology skips the lesson on the endocannabinoid system. Every human has this system, known as the ECS. It’s made up of receptors that create, process, and use cannabinoids to supplement bodily functions. ECS receptors can be found in the central nervous system, the digestive system, and throughout the immune system. Who knew that our body’s naturally and effectively use cannabinoids each and every day?

We’ve largely ignored our endocannabinoid system – the war on all things cannabis hasn’t helped, and this can cause a host of problems.

Luckily, CBD acts to maintain balance in the endocannabinoid system. When your is balanced, you can expect to feel in all-around good health. Pretty awesome, right?

More specifically, CBD uses the ECS to address some of the following conditions:

Mental health continues to affect hundreds of thousands of people everywhere, and that’s in the US alone. Research suggests that CBD is a clinical target for those with

Inflammation is the root cause of many conditions. Cardiovascular disease, complications with diabetes, and digestive problems are all exacerbated by inflammation. CBD halts the immune system’s which not only alleviates pain but helps to calm related health conditions.

How Can You Use CBD via The Different Delivery Methods?

CBD is helping to change the lives of those who use it on a regular basis. Based on your specific needs, there’s a CBD delivery method just for you.


Inhalation is a very direct CBD delivery method for those seeking rapid relief. Those seeking on-demand pain relief, allergy relief, or anxiety relief often turn to this delivery method when they’re on-the-go.

excellent option for those seeking an inhalation delivery method.


Ingesting CBD is an excellent way to ensure that your CBD intake is consistent. CBD, when combined with Infinite CBD’s recipes, is easy on the stomach and allows for extended release.

Isolate Capsules and Asteroid Gummies are an excellent way to enjoy consistent CBD dosing and benefits.


Digestion begins in the mouth. An oral delivery method involves all of the mechanisms of digestion, which ensures that CBD reaches the ECS receptors throughout the entire digestive process.

Allow Isolate Droppers to linger under the tongue for a moment for increased absorption.


Looking for targeted relief or experiencing pain on a more surface level? Topical CBD delivery methods allow for location-specific relief. This is a great option for sore muscles or localized psoriasis.

Use Point and liberally for topical relief.


For those with low abdominal pain, vaginal pain, or those who experience pain during sex, the vaginal and rectal delivery methods provide more localized relief.

Check out Rocket Ships and Big Bang CBD lube for lower-body pain relief.

Which of the 5 Delivery Methods is Your Favorite?

Oftentimes, CBD users find that they enjoy a few of the many available delivery methods. Now that you know how to use CBD oil, which delivery method will you choose?

Already have a favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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